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Excerpted Inspirations #100: Down Memory Lane

	Sometimes I’ve been privileged to be faceless.  Those removed-from-time moments in life, when I’m serving straight from my heart, and I have the honor of “being there.”  Like at a birth, or attending a death.  Or witnessing the miracle of growth when I’m listening to someone who suddenly realizes the puzzle pieces fitting together in a grand realization of purpose.  Times when “the call” far exceeds my ego and I just get to be there in delight, in answer to the call.  That’s my eternal work, and it has myriad forms even now, right here on earth.  It is faceless passion.  	In times of facelessness, I notice that I want no personal credit or acknowledgment.  I notice the right words and the right actions flowing to facilitate healing.  It would be the last place where my ego would assert itself and say, “Look at me!  I am doing this for you.”  Facelessness is pure privilege.  I notice how much of my life experience comes into play and contributes to my ability to stay attentive to the person.  Odd things sometimes happen – I am compelled to self-disclose some painful experience, or I say something that “doesn’t sound like me” or I say nothing at all.  Whatever it is, it brings safety to another.  I feel at those moments that I am the sum total of my life experience, that everything that ever happened to me had a purpose of bringing me to this point so that I could be fully present and know that whatever I do or say facilitates.    Claudia Gladish, “I Shall Be Faceless,” in BORN (Birth-Oriented Resource Network) Magazine, #10, May ’93, p. 2

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