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Excerpted Inspirations #123

[American Matey Fort, in France to help her dear friends (the Vinets) through the rigors of the Great War, waits impatiently until it will be time to go and meet the train on which her husband Adrian, a Quaker, will be arriving for his first  furlough from his work as an ambulance-driver.]  “Sit down, child!” said Mme. Vinet. “You’ll wear yourself out.”   She sat down and took the everlasting knitting from the older woman’s hands.   “But what shall I do?”   “Go play something for me,” implored Matey.       She sat knitting fast and listening to Bach, once more stating honestly the complexity of all things and showing once more that in the end they are but harmonious parts of the whole. The room was filled with the intelligent beauty of that comforting voice.   At the end, “How it does one good!” breathed Mme. Vinet.  They were painfully sensitive to music in those days.       “It’s one of the things I owe to you,” said Matey.       “You have repaid it – dear child,” murmured the woman before the piano.       -Dorothy Canfield, The Deepening Stream (1930), p. 248

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