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Excerpted Inspirations #53: Down Memory Lane

["Down Memory Lane" posts are a new feature of Excerpted Inspirations, where we present a passage from a past or present Swedenborgian women's published work.]

"Glory be to God for order, form --

for planets round their suns, for daisy petals

like lashes round the sunny eye of day;

For cycles; the eye at the center of the wheeling storm;

for all that rises and ferments; for all that settles

in its own time and sphere and in its own way;

Everything measured, symmetrical, framed, enclosed;

whatever has tension, rhythm, focus, poise;

All things composing because they have been composed

by One who intends, provides, and informs my joys."

-Lyris Hyatt, Lyris: Poems and Selections by Lyris Hyatt (1988), p. 49

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