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Word Cloud for Numbers 138-153:

Summary of the Numbers:

Merriam-Webster defines "chastity" as abstention from unlawful sexual intercourse and abstention from all sexual intercourse. Swedenborg begins his discussion is sections 138-153 by listing the order in which he will discuss this section on chastity and unchastity. Swedenborg states “that the purity of conjugial love is what is called chastity.” He continues on to explain why “chastity and unchastity can only be attributed to marriages and related matter.” This section in Conjugial Love will raise thought provoking questions to its readers.

Summary of Responses:

Most of the responses to this section bring the relevancy of this section to todays world and the ever-changing concept of sexual identity. "All people have 'a tendency towards marriage imprinted on them.'" More current usage might read "sexuality is part of the human condition." To me, this means that in general people experience sexual attraction and a desire for intimacy. My experience is that people on the poles of the gender spectrum experience that attraction and desire differently. For women and those who identify as women, chastity and unchastity might manifest differently than the way they are described in this chapter. Just as in the rest of the book, I find these descriptions to be all about men, and addressed to Swedenborg’s male European audience. No doubt the general principles apply to everyone, such as universal sexuality, an innate tendency towards marriage (or committed relationships). Direct Quotes from Contributors:

"My thinking is that everyone can be gifted with a relationship that involves some kind of intimacy and linking. It might not be the highest or deepest level of joining, but it is the degree of linking that is optimal for this person at this time. For some, it might mean a time of being single and celibate which is the closest to truly conjugial love that is optimal for them at that time. Working on the union of what is good and true within, and becoming the best partner for a future relationship, might be what is needed for now." * “What makes more sense to me is that couples whose minds and lives are formed from the kinds of truths that are expressed in the scriptures, regardless of how they acquired those truths, are brought into the joys of a sexually pure and truly conjugial love.” *

Word Cloud of the Responses:

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What do most people think when they take in this section? In today’s world we are able to speak more openly about sexual identity and sex itself. However, there are those who find it completely uncomfortable a subject. Reading Conjugial Love may be a good place to start for opening up discussion; especially this section on chastity and unchastity. Keep thinking about how to start the conversation and use the information contained in these writings to help you. Today’s Blog By: Pastor Kelly Milne

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