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Excerpted Inspirations #27

"The Dean made a hasty luncheon and after it, he set out immediately for Worship Street. Under the Porta, beneath her room, he remembered Mary Montague. 'Take a little joy,' she had said. Had he sinned in trying to obey her? He believed not. Joy being of God was a living thing, a fountain not a cistern, one of those divine things that are possessed only as they overflow and flow away, and not easily come by because it must break into human life through the hard crust of sin and contingency. Joy came now here, now there, was held and escaped. But worth the travail of the winning both for himself and the children. He would have liked to go in and see Miss Montague and tell her what had happened, but she rested after luncheon and he dared not delay... It did not matter. Such prayer as hers was, like joy, an overflowing fountain that flowed where it was needed."

-Elizabeth Goudge, The Dean's Watch (1960), pp. 206-207

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